Mac Repairs/iOS Development

We repair & Service all versions of Apple computers. In-house or at your location - give us a call to get your computers back on track. We have over 10 years of development experience and have built dozens of apps for iOS.

Android development

Our experience of the Android Market Place coupled with our talented designers and extremely knowledgeable Android app development team gives us the confidence to take on the toughest of challenges and deliver outstanding Android apps that you would love.

Windows Repairs/Mobile Development

We repair and service all versions of Windows PCs. In-house or at your location - give us a call to get your computers back on track. Our Windows Mobile development team is technically competent and well versed in Windows Mobile development.

Custom Handcrafted Database Solutions

We build interfaces to your data: leads, CRM, evaluation systems, dashboards. From the ground up using open source technologies for scalability, we make your big data manageable. Let us unlock your business intelligence by using unique capture and tracking data analytics.

Javascript development

Having experience in implementing JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5, we can offer you solutions that will suit your particular project needs. Our JavaScript programmers have experience that encompasses different spheres and industries, including telecommunications, marketing, e-commerce, social networking, and media.

Responsive web design

Our web design team will work with you to create a responsive website design that is both functional and attractive. A seamless responsive web page is vital in generating that great user experience that generates better customer engagement to keep traffic flowing to your website and increase revenue.


We specialize in cutting edge website design and functionality. Here are some of our recent projects.

  • Arthritis National Research Foundation
  • Tip Top Vitamins
  • The Four Winds
  • My Vape Space
  • Racing For A Cure
  • Red Theory
  • Riviera Beverages
  • Mindy Neff

The Services that drive our solutions include...

  • Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • Internet Strategy
  • Market Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • User Research
  • Design
  • Visual Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Mobile / Emerging Platforms
  • User Scenarios
  • Usability Testing
  • Rich Media & Banner Development
  • Internet Marketing
  • Email and CRM
  • Display Marketing
  • Remarketing
  • SEO
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • Merchandising
  • Analytics
  • Site Optimization
  • Measurement Planning
  • Tracking Implementation
  • Interpretation & ROI Analysis
  • Integrated Dashboards
  • Social & Mobile Analysis

About Us

TechGevity has been in business for over 15 years providing exceptional quality custom built systems and advanced technical services.

TechGevity's goal is to provide only the best products and services, the same products and services we use.

All our severs are hand built by us, including the server you are on now. TechGevity is privately owned and operated. We take technology to the next level by being involved from the ground up. Join us and see the difference we can make for you.

How can we help?

Would you like to discuss a potential project? You can send us a message using our contact form, or reach us using the information to the right.

Primary Contacts

Email: info [at]
Phone: 714-376-4041